Support and Maintenance

The Platinum support and maintenance package is built on the Gold support and maintenance layer of essential services and provides the highest value in supporting the overall product functionality. It gives access to new versions of our products, software updates, fixes and improvements in order for customers to maintain quality and remain up to date with technical and functional enhancements.

Platinum Support and Maintenance

This option offers the following functionality in addition to Gold support and maintenance features.

24/7 Support

The provision of support services for Severity 1 and 2 cases around the clock 365 days a year for Licensed software. Including, if added as a custom service, any modifications that have been developed.

Priority Queuing

Increased priority will be given to all cases, with shorter response time targets provided for high priority cases.

Customer Care Advocate

Provides proactive update scheduling and planning. Assists customers in prioritizing open cases, provides scheduled case reviews and monthly case summary reports during office hours.

Proactive Updates

Ensures you benefit from continuous technological innovation, removing the need to pre-order updates. This means you will always be on the latest version of IFS software, with implementation planning taking place on an agreed schedule.

Gold Support and Maintenance

Gold support and maintenance is the foundation of IFS’s support and maintenance service, and contains the following elements.

24/7 Critical Responsiveness

24x7 access to a comprehensive portal that allows customers to:

  • Create and manage support cases
  • View statistics on past and present case performance
  • Resolve known issues using a mature knowledge database
  • Report Severity 1 issues for attention around the clock

Support Services

The foundation of our everyday support offering, providing evaluation and classification of registered support cases and determination of their route to resolution. This service also includes analysis of Update impact, the application of Updates, and the packaging and delivery of Updates to servers for customer receipt and installation. This also includes merging of customizations if these were purchased as a Custom service.


Offers the right to new versions, software updates and fixes to maintain quality and remain updated with the latest technical and functional developments. During its official support period, IFS will maintain the licensed software in line with the software documentation.