Additional Services

It is also possible to augment your business’s in-house capabilities with the following additional services.

1st Line Support Desk

IFS provides your 1st line support process related to re-creation of possible errors in licensed software. This service is provided according to customer routines, processes and utilizing the customer’s tool set for end-user support.

Release Installation

IFS will package and install updates, fixes and new custom objects according to an agreed schedule. Installation is performed in your test and production environments.

Health Check

IFS performs regular health checks on database growth, memory, database objects, rebuilds and validates indexes. We provide you with an action plan including suggested steps to resolve issues that are found.

Solution Impact Analysis

IFS performs flow testing of your critical business flows as per the processes defined in Scope Tool for you as a customer. Test results and impact analysis are provided as part of this service, based on processes you specify and document for verification.

Proactive Care

We provide a dedicated Single Point of Contact (SPOC) with deep knowledge of your unique solution, providing advice on next steps and proactive communication of update news, benefits and potential business impacts. Your SPOC will explain how to best utilize current functionality as well as what is required to utilize new features packaged in updates.