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2019 Q4 Year-to-Date Update

Year-to-Date, Jan – Dec 2019

  • FY 2019 license revenue was SEK 1,518 (US$ 161 million), an increase of 32% versus 2018
  • FY 2019 maintenance revenue was SEK 1,911 million (US$ 202 million), an increase of 16%
  • FY 2019 consulting revenue was SEK 2,174 million (US$ 230 million), an increase of 14%
  • FY 2019 adjusted EBITDA was SEK 1,454 million (US$ 154 million), an increase of 32%
  • FY 2019 net revenue was SEK 6,317 million (US$ 668 million), an increase of 20%
  • IFS’s strategic growth markets also saw double-digit increases in license revenues, with Aerospace & Defense growing 38% and Field Service Management up 51% versus 2018
  • IFS cloud and SaaS revenue for FY 2019 increased 56% versus the same period of 2018 (excluding Astea and WorkWave).

Financial Year 2019 Press Release

I am incredibly proud to lead the team that has delivered this impressive performance. Our employees clearly understand our focus, feel ownership of our progress, and stand united in a passion for our customers. Our differentiator is not that we talk about customer centricity, but that we commit to delivering customer value. The investments made last year into our product and partner enablement will benefit the company in the long-term and will have a positive impact for our customers – and our own business – in 2020 and beyond.

Darren Roos
Chief Executive Officer

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